Christmas Eve Tragedy

Just before midnight on Christmas Eve, Columbus companies were dispatched to a house fire at Wisconsin & Cable Avenues.  Upon arrival, firefighters found a 2 story wood frame dwelling heavily involved.  Due to its poor condition, the building was initially thought to be unoccupied.  An initial search was impossible due to the extent of the fire.  Upon gaining the upper hand, companies entered the structure and found three Code 1’s.  One Box 15 member was doing a ride along with Rescue 17.  The Incident Commander requested that he have Box 15 respond.  Rehab 1 responded with a crew of 3.  They remained on-scene for more than an hour and a half, dispensing ½ gallon of coffee, 1-1/2 gallons of Hot Chocolate, Granola bars and ½ case of bottled water.

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