Find ‘em, Save ‘em

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, June 4-6, firefighters from Prairie, Pleasant and Franklin Townships participated in “Vent – Entry – Search” training at Prairie’s training facility.  Box 15 was invited to provide rehab services during the three days of evolutions.  One Box 15 member also served as the search “victim”.  During the entire exercise, we dispensed 9 cases of bottled water, 6 gallons of Sqwincher, used 60# of ice and several rehab towels.  The three departments all provided generous cash donations to offset our expenses.

On Tuesday, we also were on scene with Columbus as their current recruit class underwent “Saving Our Own” drills at the Training Academy.  We used a dozen rehab towels and 40# of ice, while serving 2 gallons of Sqwincher and 5 cases of chilled, bottled water.



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