3 Days plus a Heat Index above 100 = 6 Fires

Memorial Day weekend was forecast to be hot and humid, so Box 15 scheduled crews to remain in service from 11:00 until 19:00 hours for all 3 days.  And it turned out to be the right move.  On Saturday, Rehab 2 responded with Columbus and Franklin Township firefighters to a fully-involved modular classroom at a school in the southwest area of the city. This was followed a couple hours later by a well-involved condominium in the far north area of the city.  An additional Box 15 member who lived in the area provided initial rehab support until the truck arrived on-scene.  Between the 2 fires, we used 4 cases of bottled water.

On Sunday, with the temperature sitting at 93 degrees and humidity at 50%, Rehab 1 took their first of two runs at 17:20 hours.  Jackson Township had a basement fire in a single family dwelling.  We provided 15# of ice for chilling rehab towels and a case of chilled water.  We then proceeded to far east Columbus on another condominium fire.  Arriving just before 18:30 hours, we immediately setup with chilled towels and water.  When this fire was dispatched, most of the firefighters were just sitting down for dinner.  We supplied Granola bars to help until they could return to quarters. Totals for the day were 50# of ice, 16 rehab towels, 20 granola bars and 5 cases of water.

Monday – Memorial Day saw 93 degrees again.  The humidity brought the heat index to 107.  Rehab 2 was again in service and responded to a 3-bay detached garage fire with auto inside, followed shortly by a single family dwelling that suffered major damage from a propane grill fire in an enclosed carport.  We used an additional 4 cases of water serving firefighters with Columbus and Franklin Township.

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