Hot Weather Response to Bulen Ave

With hot and humid weather continuing in the metro area on Monday August 9th, members staffed Rehab 1 to expedite response times on runs in the area. While on the air in southern Clintonville, a reported house on fire was dispatched in the 5PM hour in the area of Bulen Avenue and E. Mound Street in Olde Towne East. First arriving units from Stations 8 and 15 found fire showing from a 3 story balloon construction dwelling. On the confirmation of a working fire, Rehab 1 started heading south, and responding members observed a large column of smoke from Interstate 71 and E. 17th Avenue. Arriving just after the RIC assignment, the 4 man crew split into 2 man teams, manning the A and C sides of the structure, providing water, Squencher, towels, and other logistical assistance. Due to the volume of fire, several hundred feet of supply line was required. The fire vented through the 2nd story windows, catching a nearby tree on fire at one point. An aggressive attack by firefighters kept the fire from spreading to nearby exposures. 3 additional engines and an additional ladder were called above the RIC assignment. Box 15 provided 8 cases of water, 3 gallons of Squencher, and several towels, and was ready for service just before 7PM.

Photos of the incident can be seen here.

Recruit Training Fire on Skidmore

On September 7, 2011, Box 15 provided Rehab Services for the Columbus Fire Recruit Class as they held a training fire on S. Skidmore Avenue. The temperature was in the mid 60s, with occasional light rain. During the 4 hours that we were there, we served approximately 50 firefighters 3 cases of water, 1 gallon of Squincher, 1 gallon of coffee, 1 box of granola bars, and used 30 pounds of ice.

Second Arson on Battalion 3 in Two Days

The second fire occurred Monday night in a boarded up 2 story brick apartment building. Fire had a good head start before the first companies arrived. Eventually, the entire structure was gutted. Many neighboring structures are vacant and there have been a lot of suspicious fires in this neighborhood. Box 15 was requested due to very humid conditions. We were on scene for a little more than an hour, dispensing 2 ½ cases of chilled water and 4 dozen granola bars.

Runs come in pairs

Slightly before lunchtime on Friday July 30th, a babysitter next door reported a fire at 1482 Mulligan Ct.. By the time fire crews received the alarm, fire had traveled upward from the kitchen, through the second floor and had burned through the roof of the 3000 sq. ft. home. The owner was away at work when the blaze began. Initial companies observed a large column of smoke as they left the station, approximately 1-½ miles away. A working fire was immediately declared and RIC companies were dispatched. Upon arrival, heavy fire conditions existed on both floors as well as the attic. Due to high heat and humidity levels, Box 15 was summoned within just a few minutes. Three of our members proceeded directly to the scene in private vehicles, carrying bottled water and ice. Two additional members went to Station #1 to respond with Rehab 2 (Rehab 1 was OOS for brake repairs), but were diverted to a second working fire, just ½ block from quarters. We immediately decided to split the responding crew so we could cover both incidents. At Mulligan Ct., we dispensed 5 cases of water and used 30+# of ice. Not having the truck, we did not have rehab towels available, but used towels supplied from both Truro and Violet Township apparatus. We remained on-scene for approximately 2 hours.

Photos can be found here.

Supporting the Recruit Firefighters

Columbus Division of Fire is losing more than 5% of their uniformed force due to retirements in 2011. As such, they are running their second class of recruit firefighters in 6 months. This group of 48 had Box 15 to support of their Night Operations evolutions on April 27, Basement/Confined Space fires on April 29 and Structure Fires on May 2. Through these 3 days of exercises, we logged 42 labor hours, dispensed 9 cases of bottled water, 8 gallons of Sqwincher, 5 gallons of coffee, 1 gallon of hot chocolate, more than 100 granola bars and used 110 pounds of ice. We also dispensed 2 dozen rehab towels.