Box 15 Heads to Norwich Township

During construction of a roundabout in Hilliard yesterday, September 15th, crews struck a gas line causing several evacuations in the area including a school. Norwich Township crews were on scene for about 2 hours before calling for rehab from Box 15. Once on scene our crew served up 8 gallons of Squincher, a case of water and hamburgers from McDonald's for lunch.

Box 15 Provides Rehab for Can-Am Police Fire Games

On Saturday, August 21st, while club members were at Station 1 holding our quarterly shirt-sale and conducting truck maintenance, a contingent of 6 members took Truck 2 to the Rhodes State Office Tower to support the 2010 Can-Am Police Fire games. Box 15 provided (3) rehab stations for the Skyscraper Climb event, in which contestants participated in a climb up the 40-story building. Members established rehab stations on the 1st, 18th, and 40th floors, supplying water, fruit, and plenty of encouragement for participants. Approximately 15 participants took part, and all completed the course. We extend congratulations to the participants, and to the City of Dublin and Washington Township on a successful games. While Truck 2 was at this detail, Truck 1 remained available for runs from downtown at the shirt sale.

Box 15 Requested to Fatal Fire on South East Side

On the morning of June 17th, Box 15 was requested by Battalion 181 to the scene of a fatal fire at 5215 Groveport Rd. The initial call came in as a fire alarm, and first arriving companies discovered light smoke showing from a mobile home. Upon entry by the crews, the unit erupted in flames. Two victims were located and transported to Grant Hospital where they were later pronounced dead. Box 15 was on scene for about an hour and  provided 4 cases of water, approximately 24 granola bars and cool towels to crews on scene.

Box 15 Provides Rehab for Training

On June 22nd and 24th Box 15 was requested to provide rehab at 5151 Thompson Drive where Columbus Fire was performing a training fire at the site of a large ranch house. Each day Box 15 server approximately 50 fire fighters and 3 cases of water.

Box 15 Responds to Norwich Township

Box 15 helped with rehab today for a house fire in Norwich Township. The fire broke out around 1pm in a one story house. Engine 81 was 1st on the scene and arrived with heavy fire showing from the house and quickly went to work fighting the fire which had grown into large inferno. With the RIT crews from Washington and Columbus Fire the fire was contained in 25 minutes.

Box 15 crews served 35 people gallons of Sqwincher and one case of water. We were able to clear the incident in 45 minutes.

Photos can be seen here.