1840 Progress Avenue - Again

On April 13, fire crews were dispatched to 1840 Progress Avenue on Columbus’ south side. While enroute, they observed a large mushroom cloud, indicating an explosion. A second alarm was quickly declared and Box 15 crews were on the way. One member went directly to the scene to establish a rehab sector while the truck was enroute. Plant workers were mixing a chemical compound when something went wrong and it became volatile. Fire crews quickly determined that the source of ignition was chemical in nature and the fire was then declared as a hazmat incident. We’re happy to report that no injuries occurred – this time. The same facility was previously the site of a crippling injury to an employee who had been trapped inside a piece of equipment. The same plant endured a multi-alarm fire a couple of years ago. Box 15 remained on scene for nearly 3 hours, handing out 4 cases of water, 3 pots of coffee, 50 Granola bars, plus hot chocolate. We also returned the following morning and restocked the hazmat team with an additional 2 cases of water.

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