1840 Progress Avenue - Again

On April 13, fire crews were dispatched to 1840 Progress Avenue on Columbus’ south side. While enroute, they observed a large mushroom cloud, indicating an explosion. A second alarm was quickly declared and Box 15 crews were on the way. One member went directly to the scene to establish a rehab sector while the truck was enroute. Plant workers were mixing a chemical compound when something went wrong and it became volatile. Fire crews quickly determined that the source of ignition was chemical in nature and the fire was then declared as a hazmat incident. We’re happy to report that no injuries occurred – this time. The same facility was previously the site of a crippling injury to an employee who had been trapped inside a piece of equipment. The same plant endured a multi-alarm fire a couple of years ago. Box 15 remained on scene for nearly 3 hours, handing out 4 cases of water, 3 pots of coffee, 50 Granola bars, plus hot chocolate. We also returned the following morning and restocked the hazmat team with an additional 2 cases of water.

2 Alarm Fire is Arson

On Wednesday, May 4, Columbus and Whitehall fire crews responded to a four-family apartment building at 3482 Cunard Square, on Columbus’ east side. Two firefighters were briefly trapped when an interior stairway collapsed, but were soon rescued and only suffered minor injuries. Box 15 responded automatically on the second alarm and members were on scene within 30 minutes. One unit was totally destroyed and the adjoining three all suffered smoke and water damage. During the investigation, the presence of flammable liquids was detected by the arson canine. This, coupled with statements made by the occupants, caused the fire to be classified as arson. Box 15 was on location for about 2 hours, dispensed 3 cases of water and 1 pot of coffee.

Another Daily Double

Once again, Box 15 crews were called to two working fires at the same time. This time, it was in Violet Township. As afternoon storms rolled through the area, fire crews were called to Tollgate Middle and Elementary School and to a single family home on Wagonwood Drive. Both fires are believed to have been caused by lightning strikes.

More details and photos from the incidents will be posted later.

A Sad Day in Franklinton

At 5:08 AM, on Friday, October 15, Columbus Fire started receiving multiple reports of a fire on N. Yale Ave., in the Franklinton area. Even MedFlight, while enroute to Mt. Carmel Hospital reported the working fire. Apparatus from Station 10, less than 3 blocks away, reported a single family residence “fully involved” with fire extending to houses on the B and D exposures. Due to the volume of fire, an initial defensive attack was ordered for the original structure and interior attacks plus water curtains for both exposures. Unfortunately, three occupants perished in the fire, which has been ruled as Arson.

Box 15 was not on the initial card, but was later called to support the efforts of both Police and Fire Investigators. We remained on the scene for about 3 hours, dispensed 1 gallon of coffee, 2 cases of chilled water and ½ gallon of Hot Chocolate. We also worked with Red Cross to provide food for approximately 25 personnel.

Photos from the incident can be seen here.

Box 15 Aids Washington Township Fire

Box 15 was requested overnight on Wednesday, Washington Twp fire crews were dispatched to the 6000 blk of Rings Road on a report of smoke and fire coming from a house. First arriving crews quickly marked it a working fire and requested a tanker assignment. Crews from Pleasant Valley, Jerome Twp and Norwich Twps responded. Box 15 arrived at 115am and quickly set up a rehab area just north of the scene.

Box 15 crews served 35 fire crews two cases of bottled water and 1 gallon of coffee, and was on scene for just over one hour.

Photos of this run can be seen here.