Double Runs in Violet Township

On Wednesday, August 11th, Box 15 crews staffed one of our trucks due to the high heat and humidity. With a large thunderstorm moving through central Ohio, it paid off. Several calls into the MEC Center reported lightning strikes at Toll Gate Elementary School and in a housing development about three miles NW of the school on Wagonwood Dr. Box 15 rehab 2 responded to the area and contacted MEC Center Fire Dispatch to inform them of our intentions to provide rehab for Violet Twp Fire. Rehab 2 was directed to the Elementary school, but our services were also requested to Wagonwood Dr. Three members responded to the Wagonwood fire in their personal vehicles and supplied refreshments to those crews.

Rehab 2 arrived on scene on Toll Gate to find Violet Twp fire crews on the gym roof cutting holes because of access issues from inside the building. Crews cut several large access areas and found a thick foam just below the shingles. Fire crews found several small fires throughout the roof area with the help of at least six other departments contained the fire about two hours later. Box 15 with the help of West Licking Firefighters Association provided rehab services on different sides of the gym. Our crews handed out 10 cases of bottled water and three gallons of Sqwincher. Our crews cleared three hours after arriving on scene after a long hot day.

Photos of the incident can be seen here.
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