Fall Shirt Sale

We will be having our fall shirt sale this Saturday, October 13th. we will be on the 3rd floor west lobby of CFD Station 1 from 0800 to 1400. Come help support your local fire rehab unit.

Apartment Fire

On September 16, 2012, Violet Twp was dispatched to a report of an apartment fire @ 1413 Landsend Circle. The fire soon grew to 2 alarms, and Box 15 was requested @ 1949 hrs.  Rehab 1 responded with a crew of 2 and served approximately 30 firefighters 1 case of bottled water & 1 pot of coffee. Box 15 spent nearly 1 1/2 hours on the scene. Box 15 cleared the scene @ 2236 hrs.

Record setting month

All early indications pointed to a hotter than usual summer in Central Ohio.  If June was any indication, summer 2012 will be one to remember.  For the month of June, we responded to 10 working fires, 4 second alarms and 1 third alarm.  In addition, we had a high pressure natural gas line rupture and were requested to provide rehab for 8 training exercises.  Due to high temperatures and humidity, we also maintained “on station” standby crews for 8 days with one stretch of 5 days in a row.  For the month, we were in service 34 times, logging more than 135 hours.

Thank you to Prairie, Franklin and Pleasant Township FD’s for including us in your 3-day training and for your generous donations!

Far North 3 Alarm Fire

Great way to begin the day!
At 06:00 on June 13th Box 15 responded to the 2nd Alarm fire at 98 Highbluffs Blvd, this fire did go to a 3rd alarm. Firefighters from Columbus, Worthington, and Westerville  arrived to find a large 2 story complex with 6 condo units, and detached garages involved in fire. Arriving units went into defensive mode with Ladder's 33,101, and 111, as well as deck guns and several hand lines.  In total 12 garages and 6 condos were destroyed. Another 6-unit condo building suffered exterior damage from the heat. One Box 15 member who lives nearby went immediately to the scene and established a rehab sector, using supplies he carries in his car.  Rehab 2 also responded to supplement his efforts.  In all, Box 15 was on scene for slightly over 2 hours and distributed 3 cases of water.  A total of 5 members were at the incident.

                                    98 Highbluffs.jpg         0613120800 (2).jpg
                                                               Photos by CFD recruit Ryan Meige

CFD Recruits Attend Night Ops Training

On Monday, June 11, a Box 15 crew of 5 stood by at the Columbus Fire Training Academy on Parsons Avenue, supporting night fire operations training. This is a relatively newer training component that has been added to the new recruit training curriculum. The current recruit class practiced response and fire attack evolutions in residential and commercial settings, simulating fires in a single family dwelling, a warehouse, and a high rise, as well as civilian rescue situations and dumpster fires. Emergency response after dark presents several issues that each recruit will now be equipped to handle once they get to their company upon graduation. We express thanks to Lt. Robertson and the T.A. instructors and staff for the opportunity to practice and train along side the recruit class.



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