2 Alarm Apartment Fire

On August 20th 2012 at 1930 Columbus Fire received a call of a working apartment fire. When ladder 24 got on scene they made it a 2nd alarm. Box 15 responded and was on scene at 2000 Box 15 served 15 cases of water,10 packets of squincher 5 fruit cups,80 pounds of ice and a whole box of granola bars. Box 15 was on scene till 0140 and then went back into service. 

It made the national news

On Wednesday, July 11, at 02:04 AM, 17 cars of a 100-unit freight train traveling just northeast of downtown Columbus derailed.  The first call made to the Fire Alarm Office indicated a fire at a local trash recycling facility.  Two minutes later a second fire report was made for an address two blocks away.  Companies arriving for both reported fires confirmed the train wreck.  The accident sparked a fire involving 3 tank cars carrying what was believed to be denatured alcohol.  About 35 minutes into the incident, one of these cars BLEVE’d, creating a huge fireball that was visible from more than 10 miles away.  The fire would continue to burn for more than 12 hours due to restricted access caused by the positions of the wrecked cars.

Two hours into the event, Box 15 was requested to respond.  With crew members responding from home, Rehab 1 arrived within an hour of the call.  The temperature was in the upper 60’s so we immediately began hot beverage service.  As the day progressed and the temperature continued to rise, we converted to cold beverages and chilled rehab towels.  By 4 PM, the temperature had topped out at 94 degrees with moderate humidity and full sun.  Rehab 1 carries a variety of equipment and we were able to provide an extra table & chairs for the incident planning team, as well as power access for a 6-bank radio battery charger.  We deployed our tent to provide shade, our misting unit, chairs & tables.  We even rounded up 3 park benches for extra seating and secured access to restroom facilities.  While the main rehab area was adjacent to the Command Post, we also established 2 additional hydration/cooling sectors on opposite sides of the derailment.  Box 15 served 135 meals and arranged with the railway company to provide additional food as the crews worked through the night. The first day, we were on site for nearly 22 hours.  We also returned on Thursday and Friday to provide additional water, Sqwincher, ice and rehab towels.  In all, we distributed 31 cases of water, 8 gallons of coffee, 1 gallon of hot chocolate and 4 gallons of Sqwincher.  We used in excess of 350 pounds of ice.  A total of 11 different Box 15 members logged over 62 man hours at this incident.

The Storm

June 29 was the second straight 100+ degree day when a line of severe thunderstorms came barreling into Central Ohio right at the evening rush hour.  Within minutes, the temperature dropped by 25 degrees and winds were clocked at more than 80 mph.  Between the high winds and hundreds of lightning strikes, all area dispatching facilities were inundated with hundreds of calls – wires down, trees on structures, lightning strikes, etc.  One lightning related fire became a second alarm at an apartment complex on Country Corners Drive.  Box 15, on hot weather standby immediately responded.  

We remained on scene for 2 ½  hours, providing bottled water, granola bars and towels.  A second serious fire in a home on Bushwood Lane may have become a second alarm, but there were no available extra companies to send, beyond the initial alarm.

Box 15 Responds to Fatal West Jefferson Fire

Madison County 911 Center received the report of a fire at 74 East Main St Street around 2140 hours on March 23, 2012. There was a report of persons trapped on the 2nd floor of the two story multi-use commercial building which contained Ronnie's Bar Grill on the first floor.

The fire was reported to heavy on second floor in one of the five apartments of which the two victims were located. A Madison County medic transported one victim to the Ohio State University Medical Center. The second victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

Firefighters appeared to have the upper hand on the 2nd alarm fire, of which the building's structure & material presented a heavy fire load. The structure's roof had previously collapsed then around 11:30 the fire reignited. Crews from West Jefferson Township Fire Department, London Fire Department, Central Township Joint Fire District, Norwich Township Fire Department, Prairie Township Fire Department, Jerome Township Fire Department, and Pleasant Township Fire Department fought the large fire.  

Box 15, along with Madison County EMA rehab unit #49, served 80 fire and EMS personnel 20 pizzas, five cases of water, and one gallon of Sqwencher.  Our crews were on scene for 4 hours. 

Fall Shirt Sale

We will be having our fall shirt sale this Saturday, October 13th. we will be on the 3rd floor west lobby of CFD Station 1 from 0800 to 1400. Come help support your local fire rehab unit.


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