Federal Government changes Credit Card policy

Box 15 will NOT pass credit card processing charges through to the purchaser.  Recent changes in the law allow businesses, at their discretion, to pass credit card processing charges through to the purchaser.  We will continue to cover these charges ourselves and NOT add these charges to items sold through our online store.

Box 15 publishes our 2012 Annual Report

2012 was the busiest year on record for Box 15.  We served more than 3600 firefighters from 21 different fire departments, during 101 incidents.  For the complete story, click here.

Late Night Cold Weather Runs

Due to the frigid weather on January 23, Box 15 was staffing Rehab 2. The first run was reported at 0030 hours for a fire at 3751 Peak Ridge Drive in Battalion 2. Box 15 responded & was on the scene in 13 minutes. While on the scene, Box 15  served 35 Columbus firefighters.

The second response of the night was at 0330 hours and was to 1204 East 21st Avenue. Rehab 2 was on the scene in 15 minutes and served 30 Columbus Firefighters.

Cold Weather Responses

Due to continued cold weather, Box 15 staffed a rehab unit on Saturday, February 2. One run was completed in the 3000 block of South High Street. An abandoned 2 story home that had been converted from a barn was reported to be on fire. Columbus Fire crews arrived on the scene and found s fire on the second floor. Box 15 responded & served 30 Columbus Fire personnel.

The second run of the evening was a requested response to the 1700 block of Haul Road, also in south Columbus. A single story aluminum building that stored fuel oils & other hazardous items was reported to be on fire. No hydrants were within over 4000 feet. so a water shuttle was established. Three extra engines were brought in to shuttle water from a hydrant at the intersection of Haul Road and State Route 104. Crews worked for over an hour to control the fire and another half hour putting out hot spots. Box 15 personnel served 50 firefighters from Columbus, Franklin Township, & Hamilton Township.

1st Run of the Year

On January 5, 2013 at approximately 1345, companies from Columbus, Upper Arlington, & Norwich Twp. responded to a report of a fire @ 3834 Lakedale Drive. Upon the arrival of Columbus Engine 30, they found a four unit condominium with flames venting through the roof. Upon the arrival of Rehab 2, Box 15 served 45 firefighters 1.5 cases of water, 16 packets of Hot Chocolate, & 2 granola bars. Box 15 was on the scene for approximately 1 hour as crews did extensive overhaul.


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