Why we should always be prepared!

How many of us are in the habit of just doing just what’s necessary to get by? If you’re working firefighter rehab, this can bite you in the backside. This morning, Rehab 1 was scheduled to support search & rescue training for the Columbus recruit class. We arrived ahead of schedule and were blessed to have a crew of 4 to staff the unit. Less than an hour into the day’s activities, we received a call to respond to a tanker fire, clear across the county. Because we had loaded the truck with an excess amount of supplies, we were able to offload enough water and other supplies to take care of the recruits and still had plenty to handle the fire/hazmat tanker. When we arrived at the incident, we found some crews from the previous day’s shift who were still in service and who had not eaten since the night before. We supplied coffee, bottled water, granola bars and Sqwincher during our 3 hours on scene.

Below is the news story about 20 seconds in you can see Rehab 1 in the background.


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