One busy day for Box 15

On Sunday, May 11 at 2:30 PM, CFD was dispatched to an explosion and fire. The building that exploded was a 2.5 story frame 25 by 40. It was leveled, with outward explosion towards the front. The address was in the 500 block of Lilley Ave.  One person from that building was taken to the ER after a brief entrapment under the wreckage. Heavy Rescue and Cave In units were requested to shore up the building so it could be searched. The explosion caused a fire in a neighboring 2.5 frame 25 x 40. Engine companies had 3 lines stretched to fight the fire. The first in companies had to make the stretch from about 250 feet away do to the street being blocked by debris.  Box 15 Rehab 1 responded with a crew of two.  A 3rd member responded directly to the scene.  We were out for 2 hours, serving approx. 75 fire & police personnel.


Then shortly after 8:30 PM, lightning struck a 2 story wood frame 16-unit apartment building.  The resulting fire was quickly declared a second alarm, as it had extended through a common attic above 8 apartments.  A Box 15 crew of 2 responded with Rehab 2, while 2 additional members went directly to the scene, to locate & establish the rehab sector.  Over the next 3 hours, we dispensed more than 10 cases of bottled water, along with ½ case of granola bars to 75+ personnel.  

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