It hasn’t let up yet

It’s C-C-C-Cold outside!  Weather forecasters called it a Polar Vortex.  Fire crews called it miserable.  The actual temperature dropping well below zero with wind chills ranging from -15 to -40.  Box 15 invoked our cold weather protocol, staffing at least one rehab unit round the clock and two units during the overnight hours throughout the spell.  The extreme cold was a factor in the rupture of a 24” water main in downtown Columbus, flooding not only the streets but also the basements of several buildings.  Rehab 1 was requested for support of fire and police personnel.  Rehab 2 was moved up to Station 1 to cover any other incidents.  On the 7th, we were requested for another house fire in Dublin.  Rehab 1 initially responded but turned the incident over to Rehab 2 after 3 hours, so the first crew could get some relief.  Rehab 2 remained on the scene for an additional 2 hours. 

Then early in the morning of January 8, we were requested by Norwich Township for another working house fire.  Temperatures were in the single digits but the wind chills were easing.  Rehab 2 took the run and served 35 firefighters during a 1.5 hour deployment.  Later that day, the temperature climbed to about 20 degrees – finally, a break from the severe cold.  A total of 8 runs in for first 8 days of 2014,


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