2014 starts off busy!

In the first 4 days of the new year, Box 15 has already made 5 fire responses.  On January 2, we were requested by Washington Township for an extra company fire in a large 2-story home.  The weather was cold with snow falling and poor driving conditions.  Two civilians were transported to the hospital with burns.  Box 15 remained on the scene for 3+ hours.  Several hours later, in the height of rush hour, on that same day, we responded to a warehouse fire on the east side of Columbus, but wound up being cancelled by the I.C.  Our unit was delayed by poor weather and gridlocked traffic.  

Then on the 3rd, we were requested for another house fire, this time in Reynoldsburg.  Rehab 1 responded with a crew of 2.  This was the first day of a spell of extremely cold weather with wind chills dropping to -30 at times.  We remained on the scene for 2.5 hours serving approx. 25 firefighters.     

Then 3 hours later, Box 15 responded with companies to 700 Demorest Rd. The fire was declared defensive about ten minutes into the incident. Box 15 was on scene in about ten minutes with a crew of two that was already on the air for cold weather standby in Rehab 2, running out of Prairie Township Station 241. Rehab was set up in front of the fire structure, with help from the crew of Rehab 1 which had responded after clearing from the house fire in Reynoldsburg. Rehab 2 stayed on scene for almost four hours assisting crews who were doing extensive overhaul of the house. Box 15 served hot coffee, water and granola bars to the crews on scene. On a happier note, about two hours into the incident a dog was found wondering around the fire ground, it was a dog from the burning home. It was put into the care of Box 15 until arrangements could be made to take it to OSU to be reunited with its owner, who had been transported from the scene.

This was followed up on the 4th with another extra company fire in a 2-story wood frame multi-family structure on the far east side of Columbus.  That fire began as the result of a plumber attempting to thaw frozen pipes.  The fire extended from the lower level, up through the second floor and into the attic area, damaging 4 apartments and displacing 20+ residents.

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