The other shoe just dropped!

Things had been pretty quiet in Central Ohio, as far as run activity goes.  And then the weather turned warm and the fun began.  On Wednesday, the Columbus Fire recruits did their “Night Ops” evolutions.  These are a series of “real life” fire response scenarios including structure fires, downed power lines, breaching security doors, roof ventilation, breaching garage doors and other scenarios.  Box 15 was there to provide rehab services throughout the evening.   Temperatures were in the mid to upper 80’s with moderate humidity.

Then on Thursday, the day started early with Box 15 playing multiple roles at the tri-annual airport disaster exercise, held at Rickenbacker airport.  We began the day early by preparing hydration kits for the victim transport buses.  Then we assisted with feeding more than 200 people, including victim actors, support staff, controllers and evaluators.  Once the victims were positioned in the drill area, we continued to provide hydration to the victims, responders, media and all others involved.  We ended the exercise by assisting with lunch for the evaluators.  In all, we were on scene from 06:30 until 13:30.  During this time, we used more than 400 pounds of ice and dispensed more than 30 cases of water.

Following that, on Friday morning, we went to the Ohio Fire Academy for structure fire evolutions with the Columbus Fire recruit class.  Friday’s temperature started in the low 80’s but had reached 90 degrees before evolutions were completed.  We used 9 cases of water, an additional 80 pounds of ice and 40+ rehab towels.  Shortly after we had returned the rehab unit to quarters, a working fire was dispatched in the City of Delaware.  About an hour into the incident, with the temperature in the 90’s and moderately high humidity, Box 15 rehab 1 was dispatched to assist.  Our crew remained on scene for about 4 hours, serving 65 fire personnel.  

The week closed out with our 3 rehab units on display at the Central Ohio Antique Fire Apparatus Associations’ annual muster, held at the State Fire Academy.  At the same time, one of our members provided rehab support for 1-Unit on-duty crews at the Columbus Fire Training Academy.


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